The Strong MD with Dr. Jaime Seeman

Hosted by Dr. Jaime Seeman

A podcast focused on guiding and supporting upcoming medical professionals as they journey towards becoming dedicated caregivers. Hosted by Dr. Seeman, an experienced physician, this podcast welcomes you to engage with a variety of guests discussing topics like physical and mental well-being, financial management, relationship dynamics, building resilience, and strategies for optimal performance. This is an essential resource for medical professionals aiming for vitality and excellence in their careers, offering mentorship and motivation.


Hosted by Bryce Curry

INFLUENT is where emerging healthcare professionals and esteemed medical experts converge. Our platform is a straightforward resource for career development, financial planning, practice management, and investment insights, designed to foster strong professional connections.

Promising Young Surgeon

Hosted by Dr. Frances Mei Hardin

This podcast, hosted by a surgeon for healthcare professionals, delves into the challenging aspects of medical practice, focusing on the high level of dissatisfaction among physicians. It offers a platform for honest discussions on the harsh realities of residency training and strategies for coping. Aimed at instigating cultural change in medicine, the host engages with fellow surgeons, physicians, and experts to bring these hidden issues to light and support the well-being of current and future medical practitioners.