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Episode 1

Hosted by Bryce Curry and Addisyn Uehling

Reflecting on the Medical Journey – a podcast by Influent’s team, delves into the heart of medical education. This series focuses on capturing and sharing the intricate, often untold stories of doctors, from their grueling days in medical school and residency to the crucial decisions at the end of their training. ‘Unscripted’ is more than a name; it’s our philosophy. It’s a space where medical practitioners openly reflect on their experiences, offering a rare glimpse into their past to enlighten the present. These candid narratives serve as a guide for current medical students, providing them with real-life insights and invaluable tips from those who’ve successfully navigated this demanding path. Each episode captures personal growth and professional wisdom, aimed at empowering the next generation of medical professionals through the shared experiences of their predecessors. Join us in these unscripted conversations, where knowledge meets inspiration, directly impacting the medical minds of today.

Latest Episodes

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