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The Strong MD with Dr. Jaime Seeman

The Strong MD Podcast

Hosted by Dr. Jaime Seeman

A podcast devoted to encouraging and mentoring emerging medical professionals on their path to becoming full-time caregivers. Dr. Seeman, an accomplished physician, invites you to join her and a diverse array of guests in exploring physical and mental health, finances, relationships, resilience, and tips for peak performance. If you’re a medical professional seeking vitality and excellence, this podcast is your mentor and source of inspiration.

Latest Episodes

  • Episode 8: Tackling Substance Use Amongst Medical Pros with Michelle Hruska
  • Episode 7: Muscle Matters: Dr. Gabrielle Lyon on Revolutionizing Health
  • Episode 6: Leading with Heart: Unpacking Emotional Intelligence with Nikki Weber
  • Episode 5: Navigating Wealth Management in Medicine with Brandon Souba
  • Episode 4: Motherhood and Medicine: A Candid Conversation with Dr. Stephanie Gustin
  • Episode 3: Globetrotting with Erynn: Crafting Tailor-Made Adventures
  • Episode 2: Unraveling the Knots: Saving Marriages with Kimberly Beam Holmes
  • Episode 1: Balancing Pediatrics and Parenthood: Dr. Marie Belin’s Journey