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Promising Young Surgeon

Promising Young Surgeon
Hosted by Frances Mei Hardin, MD

This is a podcast by a surgeon, for surgeons and physicians, about the dark underbelly of medicine. So many physicians are miserable, with the American Medical Association quoting that at least 40% are eyeing their exits from medicine altogether. This podcast is a place for candid conversation about the grueling and often abusive residency training system as well as techniques to improve survival. Everyone has these stories from training– but no one is publishing them. No one is willing to disrupt the status quo or lose their standing in academia. And consequently, a huge population suffers in silence, including the next generation of young physicians. I am willing to call a spade a spade and have conversations with other surgeons, physicians, subject matter experts, because it’s time for cultural change in medicine.

Latest Episodes

  • Episode 7: Hidden Curriculum in Medicine with Dr. Joanne Loethen
  • Episode 6: Medical Unions: Dr. Philip Sossenheimer’s Insight
  • Episode 5: Experiencing Residency as a Young Couple: Frances Mei & Colin’s Story
  • Episode 4: Dealing with Medical Error as a Physician
  • Episode 3: Fighting for the Mental Health of Physicians with Dr. Stefanie Simmons
  • Episode 2: Examining the Realities of Fertility for Female Surgeons with Dr. Valerie Libby
  • Episode 1: Distress Tolerance Skills for Resident Physicians

Season 1

  • Episode 8: Leaving Medical Residency
  • Episode 7: The Merits of Mediocrity: Rethinking Excellence in Healthcare
  • Episode 6: Overcoming Substance Use in Residency and Fellowship
  • Episode 5: Dr. Hardin’s Stories of Diversity
  • Episode 4: Mental Health in Residency
  • Episode 3: Navigating the Game of Residency
  • Episode 2: Tackling Abuse in Med School, Residency, and Fellowship
  • Episode 1: Culture of Medicine & Rethinking Residency