Supporting Healthcare Heroes: Introducing the Clinician Burnout Foundation & Its Founder

Supporting Healthcare Heroes: Introducing the Clinician Burnout Foundation & Its Founder

Clinician burnout is a critical issue threatening our healthcare system, especially in the wake of recent global health crises. Shockingly, over 60% of healthcare providers report symptoms of burnout, underscoring the urgency of addressing this epidemic. The Clinician Burnout Foundation (CBF) is dedicated to providing targeted support and innovative solutions to combat this issue, with a particular focus on aiding doctors.

Founder Spotlight: Jodie Green

Jodie Green
CEO & President, Clinician Burnout Foundation

Jodie Green founded the Clinician Burnout Foundation to do her part to end the burnout and moral injury that is catastrophically harming physicians, nurses and all other types of providers, medical support teams and members of the workforce in the US and global healthcare ecosystem.

Having worked across healthcare advocacy, health tech and marketing for 20 years – and having read the 200+ studies, surveys and articles on physician burnout published since 2001 – Jodie made it her professional and personal mission to help save the lives of the medical professionals whose own mission is to save all our lives.

In addition to her dedication to the Clinician Burnout Foundation, Jodie continues her work in health tech and data innovation. Earlier, she worked as a digital strategist for pharma clients of the largest global marketing/advertising agencies.

After a decade in corporate America, Jodie struck out on her own as the founder and CEO of Little Dragon Digital, which provides affordable consultancy nimbleness. Her clients include Fortune 500 companies, the United Nations, various nonprofits and companies across health as well as non-health sectors.

Jodie is also an angel investor, advisor and knowledge consultant for health and non-health innovators, global consultancies (Boston Consulting Group, Accenture) and venture capital firms.

Jodie counts among her career highlights (so far!), being retained as a consultant to shape an international campaign for the UNFPA to provide psychosocial support for women, men and teens who have suffered sexual violence and more at the hands of terrorist organization such as ISIS and Boko Haram. Earlier, Jodie was one of only 30 online digital strategists invited to the Obama White House Women’s Online Health Summit.

A lifelong learner and admitted adrenaline junkie, Jodie is constantly challenging herself. She is a fencer, one-time skydiver and a pilot-in-progress.

On a deeply personal note, Jodie is a caregiver for her brother, who is autistic. She works to help others who have children or siblings along the autism spectrum – particularly autistic adults, like her brother, for whom there is far less awareness and support.

Since the age of 17, Jodie has experienced the decline of our healthcare system as a caregiver to her brother and, until her passing in 2022, her beloved mother (who struggled with her mental and physical health). This was the genesis of her lifelong journey in healthcare, which forged her commitment to help those who have been no less than healthcare heroes for her loved ones and herself.


The Mission of Clinical Burnout Foundation (CBF)

CBF is committed to eradicating clinician burnout through practical, impactful interventions. The foundation prioritizes easing the administrative burdens that frequently lead to burnout. By harnessing technology and advocating for systemic reforms, CBF aims to cultivate a healthier, more sustainable work environment for clinicians. Their ethos, “Action, not Agonizing; Solutions, not Lip Service; Execution, not Echo Chamber,” directly addresses the immediate needs of the medical community.

Programs & Initiatives

CBF has rolled out specific programs designed to counter the unique challenges clinicians face. These initiatives employ innovative technologies and proven strategies to directly address the core issues behind burnout:

  • Tech Tools for Administrative Efficiency: CBF provides advanced software solutions that minimize time-consuming paperwork and administrative tasks, allowing doctors to focus more on patient care.
  • Mental Health & Wellness Workshops: These workshops offer strategies for stress management, resilience building, and overall well-being, tailored specifically for healthcare professionals.
  • Peer Support Networks: Recognizing the isolating nature of burnout, CBF facilitates networks for doctors to connect, share experiences, and support each other in a confidential environment.

The Foundation’s Impact

The effectiveness of these initiatives is significant. Participants in CBF’s programs often report enhanced job satisfaction and improved well-being. The foundation also influences the broader healthcare culture to prioritize the mental health of all medical personnel.

How You Can Get Involved with CBF

Engagement with CBF offers valuable opportunities for doctors to receive support and influence healthcare practices. Whether you’re a healthcare professional or not, here’s what you can do to support the Clinician Burnout Foundation.

  • Donate: The price of a pizza can help save a life.
  • Become a Partner or Sponsor: If you’re an organization in or outside the healthcare industry dedicated to bettering the clinician workflow, apply to be an affiliate.
  • Apply: For doctors and clinics in need, we offer resources to help you manage burnout in your workplace at no cost to you.
  • Advocate: Spread awareness of the issue or join the Clinician Burnout Foundation group to collaborate with like-minded individuals.

The Bottom Line: Change Starts with You

The battle against clinician burnout aims to transform the healthcare system into one that actively supports the well-being of healthcare providers. Under Jodie’s leadership, CBF offers a robust platform for doctors to find support and drive change. We encourage you to explore the many ways you can engage with the foundation, from direct participation to advocacy of this global public health crisis.

Published on May 6, 2024

Written by The Influent Staff

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