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Hosted by Dr. Sue and Dr. Daren Tobert

Welcome to “Meet the Toberts,” the podcast dedicated to empowering healthcare professionals to lead fulfilling, balanced, and resilient lives. Hosted by Dr. Sue and Dr. Daren Tobert, this series blends their extensive medical experience with personal insights to navigate the challenging landscape of modern healthcare.

Dr. Sue Tobert, a Mayo-trained pediatric cardiologist and Master Certified Physician Development Coach, shares her journey from battling burnout to becoming a thought leader in physician wellness. With over 30 years of experience, Sue discusses critical topics like healthcare worker burnout, suicide prevention, and work-life balance. She also explores the transformative power of coaching, drawing from her work leading an internal physician coaching program and her private practice, Healing Edge Coaching.

Dr. Daren Tobert, a board-certified sleep medicine physician, emphasizes the importance of sleep in maintaining overall well-being. Having transitioned from pulmonary and critical care medicine to sleep medicine, Daren highlights how improving sleep can enhance health and quality of life. As a financial coach and blockchain enthusiast, he shares insights on financial health and personal well-being, discussing his experience leading Financial Peace University and balancing a demanding medical career with family life.

Together, Sue and Daren provide a holistic approach to thriving in medicine, blending professional expertise with personal stories from their medical training and raising three daughters. They aim to inspire healthcare professionals to take proactive steps towards self-care, financial literacy, and personal growth, ensuring a more sustainable and satisfying career.

Join us each week on “Healing Edge: Thriving in Medicine” as we explore balancing professional demands with personal fulfillment. Whether you’re a medical student, resident, or seasoned physician, this podcast is your guide to navigating the complexities of a medical career while maintaining your well-being and passion for medicine.